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Lizzie & McKenzie @ the Girls World Expo

Girls World Expo is a one-day event for teenage girls. The Expo was created to connect girls with their community, empowering them to discover their potential and of course have fun!

On October 28th I had the honor to appear at the Girls World Expo in Goshen, NY. I was to co-lead a workshop called “Fearless Females”. Its one thing one presenting to a corporate audience or to students but presenting to teenagers is a different story.  I agonized over whether to incorporate powerpoint.  My co-presenter and I simply came up with a game plan of speaking from the heart and you know what … it worked!

I spoke to my experiences growing up, life in corporate america, traveling and what eventually led me to to create and publish “Lizzie and McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures”.  When asked about what made me fearless I said “I simply took alot of risks in life, some paid off and others didn’t.”  The questions the young ladies asked were very insightful.  Overall the time flew by and it felt like a really great conversation.  I hope that the girls were inspired by me as I am inspired by them.  Its truly tough being a teenager this day and age.

I also had the opportunity to sign books and it felt really wonderful to see the smiles on young girls faces when they noticed the cover of the book.  There was one moment that made me teary eyed when a mother had her daughters take a picture with me.  She told them that this moment was important because they have a book that looks like them.  And that is one of the reasons I created Lizzie & McKenzie so that young girls can see themselves in print and be proud!

Thank you Girls World Expo for a wonderful experience!